01. Three workers were killed today in an accidental [blast] at a downtown construction site.
02. The boss [blasted] him for getting drunk at lunch.
03. The [blast] from the explosion was heard three blocks away.
04. The mining company [blasted] a huge hole in the rock.
05. A shopkeeper died in hospital after being [blasted] with a shotgun by a robber last night.
06. The car radio was [blasting], and the teenagers in the car were laughing and yelling at people on the street.
07. The eruption of the volcano [blasted] a huge hole in the top of the mountain.
08. The construction crew spent all morning [blasting] holes in the rock.
09. Thomas Sackville wrote that summer's beauty yields to winter's [blast].
10. The construction crew is doing some [blasting] at the site, so don't be surprised if you hear a big boom.
11. The Japanese monster Godzilla can fly by firing a [blast] of energy from his mouth, thereby projecting himself backwards through space.
12. Over one million people live within the [blast] zone of the active volcano Sakurajima.
13. In February of 1983, a bomb [blast] outside the PLO offices in Beirut killed 22 people.
14. In October of 1983, four leading South Korean Cabinet Ministers, including the Foreign Minister, were killed in a bomb [blast] in Rangoon.
15. In December of 1993, the United States government admitted hiding 204 nuclear [blasts] at its Nevada test site.
16. Police and firemen were working to put out the fire caused by the bomb [blast] when a second explosion rocked the building.
17. The bomb [blast] shook the foundations of the government building.
18. The rocket lifted off the launching pad, and [blasted] off into space.
19. Many of the people who died in Hiroshima were killed by radiation, rather than the actual bomb [blast].
20. In the Bible, trumpet [blasts] and shouting toppled the walls of the city of Jericho.
21. "I never saw such a beautiful light in my life...then the [blast hit]." - Sister Yamanada, Hiroshima.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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